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Fresh delivery

Fresh delivery


The new concept catering company has its own cooperative breeding and planting base, which guarantees the supply of meat and vegetables from the source, and lays a solid foundation for contracting more corporate canteen services。The company's delivery fleet purchases and distributes fresh vegetables from the vegetable base to the various restaurants served 24 hours a day。In addition, the company has long-term cooperation with a number of breeding bases and farmers' markets, stable and more abundant to ensure the supply of various food ingredients in the canteen。At the same time, because of self-production and self-marketing and long-term cooperation, the operating cost is greatly reduced, and it plays a key role in giving enterprises a stable and affordable diet。
Distribution At a reasonable market wholesale price for customers to distribute self-produced, joint purchase of rice, cooking oil, spices, fruits, vegetables and meat。The distribution service cooperation is flexible, and the company can be responsible for the distribution of materials to your company。Distribution methods include direct distribution, semi-finished products and finishing distribution。



Fixed-point supply, suppliers have slaughtering qualifications and processing capabilities;Have the day's quarantine certificate, the body printed with quarantine seal;Rapid rebound of acupressure, no exudation, no odor, no parasites;No rancid odor, tight flesh, solid body, light red flesh color。

Fresh delivery

The leaf branches are fresh green, and the shape is complete.The leaf surface is smooth, the branches and leaves are elastic;No eggs eaten by insects, no spots on the epidermis, no deterioration;No mold, no sediment;No rupture and rot, no insect and mouse bite mildew, pesticide residues do not exceed the standard。

Fresh delivery

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